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North carolina tree stump grinding


Allow us to work with you to establish a stump solution that meets your needs. Stump grinding is the most efficient form of removing tree stumps with with little to no damage to your property. The tree stump is ground down to below the surface and will never grow back. After the stump is ground, the area is ready for topsoil.

rocks inside a stump

What are the BENEFITS of Stump Grinding?


  • Eliminates habitats for poisonous snakes, termites, ants, bees, snakes, and other dangerous pests.

  • Avoid costly potential termite and pest damage to your home. 

  • Choosing stump grinding over other methods of stump removal results in less impact to your landscaping. 


What is left after stump grinding? 
The grindings, as well as any soil that has been incorporated into the grindings can be used to fill in the hole after the stump has been ground. Extra grindings can be used for landscaping/mulch.  We recommend that some topsoil be added prior to planting grass, shrubs, etc.


How much does stump grinding cost?
The type of tree, its diameter and height, and the amount of surface roots will all be factors in determining the cost. Typically a quick review of your situation by telephone will provide the information needed for an accurate quote.


What is included in the cost?
The cost includes grinding of the stump to a depth below the ground that suits your specific needs.  Different projects require different depths.  For instance, pouring concrete will require all underground wood to be removed to prevent collapsing of the concrete as the wood decomposes.  Planting grass may require only 4"-6" of depth.


What type of machinery is used in stump grinding?
Commercial stump grinding equipment comes in a multitude of sizes and configurations.  Many companies use equipment weighing 6,000 pounds or more.  We have chosen powerful machines that weigh less and therefore are easier on the properties we serve. The grinding equipment will require a minimum of 36" to fit through a fence gate or other tight entryway.


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Working with DOT for Stump Removal Part 1

Working with DOT for Stump Removal Part 1

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